Mama Horse Has Her Baby, But Knows Something Is Up. Wait Till You Learn The Truth.


Miniature horses are small normally. You never know what is going to come out when a miniature horse is pregnant. Itty Bitty also known as Hope was born to a normal sized miniature horse in Guthrie, Oklahoma on a farm owned by Diana Gilger, Ginger Woods, and Jim Woods. The horse is tiny. The brown and white and black spotted little horse stands less than knee high to a normal sized man. The horse is so small that Ginger can pick the animal up easily and Jim can hoist the little beastie with one hand. The Woods did not really know that Itty Bitty’s mother Jazz was pregnant until the tiny horse was born. Itty Bitty has been documented by horse people that know as the smallest horse that has ever been born. Actually, the little horse tied the record for smallest horse ever born. The tiny little horse is adorable. The cuteness factor is a part of the attraction of the horse but the size is more of a factor. The little animal romps around the farm like it was as big as any other horse.

Itty Bitty has a great future. The horse will naturally be loved and cared for by its humans but there is much more. The horse may get a little larger with age but not much. The horse’s size makes it perfect to be the star attraction for a charity run by the Woods called Mini-Hooves of Love. The charity helps children and adults that have health problems by taking the tiny little horse to the hospital so that the people that are suffering get a little relief from their problems. The size factor makes the little horse special. Mr. Woods claims the awe that people show when they first see such a small horse is one of the most important factors in using the horse to help sick people feel better. Cuteness counts and this little horse has a cuteness factor that just cannot be beaten.

Hope is a premiere example of what animals can do for people. The animal is really small. You have to look at the video to get a real idea of how small the horse is. The size makes the animal extremely portable. The portability factor makes the little horse the perfect Hope for children and adults that have health problems and need some real enjoyment and amusement to ease their suffering. Small animals have always had some special appeal to people. The small size just brings out the kindness in people and a desire to take care of the animal.

Hope has a huge potential to make the world a little bit better. Not bad for the smallest horse that has ever been born. Our hats are off to the Woods for their investment in Hope and the care of other people using a very unique and cute little horse.

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