Mama Gave Birth To Rare Twin Babies. And This Footage Is BREATHTAKING.


Watching the baby horses lick their lips and enjoy their meal just might make you chuckle a little bit. In this moment, the horses seem almost human, don’t they? It would be easy to picture them wearing little bibs and receiving a bottle.

Fully refreshed, one of the twins decides that it is time to do what horses do best: gallop about. However, at four days old, the horse’s legs are not nearly developed enough to accomplish this task as easily as they would like and the horse begins to slip and slide. Mother keeps a watchful eye, but still allows her baby to play. Now that’s good parenting!

Soon, Mother decides that it is time to take her babies out to play. Watching their short little legs struggle to keep up with their much larger mother is truly adorable. The horses then head out to the field to graze and enjoy each other’s company. Even watching horses perform simply life tasks like these makes for great viewing.

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