Making Your Own Flavored Coffee Is Fun And Tasty!


Coffee is one of our staples in life. Who can get up in the morning without having a cup or two? Smelling that aroma, pouring the hot coffee into a mug is a great part of our day. Many of us like to add sugar and cream instead of having just black coffee. There are also creamers at the grocery store that are many different flavors. You can get chocolate, caramel or almost any flavor you like. Wouldn’t it be nice to have flavored coffee at home without having to purchase expensive creamers? Don’t even begin to mention going to a coffee shop. Who has five dollars every day to spend for your morning cup of joe? Here is a way to have your favorite coffee drink while saving money.

The recipe is easy and it is fun. Your children can even help you do it. All you need to decide is what flavors you would like. Your imagination is the key here. You can pick any kind of taste that suits your fancy. For our recipe, we are making cookies and cream coffee. This is so very simple. You need a standard sized ice cube tray, milk and cookies. For this sample, we are using oreos. Take a cookie, like an oreo, and break it up. One cookie once broken will be enough to fit into two of the ice cube slots. Once the tray is full of cookies, take your milk and fill up the cubes. Place this into the freezer for at least six hours. Overnight is best. That way you can wake up to fresh flavored coffee in the morning.

Make your coffee, just as you would. Take two of the frozen cubes and place in your favorite coffee mug. Pour the hot coffee over it. Now you have your very own cookies and cream coffee. All it took was a few ingredients and a little bit of time. You will be the envy of coffee houses near and far. In fact do not be surprised, if your friends are coming over for coffee a bit more than they used to. Who could possibly turn down the great taste of flavored coffee. Best yet, it did not cost you an arm and a leg. You did not have to wait in line either at a crowded coffee house paying a fortune. You used your noodle and made the flavored coffee we all dream of. How many other flavors could there be when you think about it? What if you took a shortbread cookie and used a bit of caramel sauce with the milk? You could have a hot caramel cookie coffee to wake up too. Yum-oh for flavored coffees.

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