Making Wigs From Donated Hair.


This is the story of two girls and their hair. Hannah is a woman with a lot of hair. She has been growing her hair especially for the length. Hannah is going to have her hair cut and donated to an organization that makes wigs for children. It is called Wigs For Kids and is based in Ohio. Now let’s meet Bridget. Bridget is an adorable little girl with huge brown eyes. She is five years old. Bridget has a condition called alopecia. Alopecia is a syndrome that keep your hair from growing. People with alopecia can be any age. You can also get alopecia at any time in your life. No one knows what causes it either. Your hair will either not grow, or if it does grow, it will fall out. Alopecia is a heart wrenching thing to have especially for a child. Those who have alopecia will often lose their eyebrows and eyelashes. This cannot be an easy thing to cope with. Bridget is receiving a wig from Hannah’s hair.

When Hannah goes to the hair dressers, her hair is sectioned into pony tails. It takes 20 to 30 pony tails to be able to make a wig for someone. Hannah’s hair is then cut to shoulder length. Her hair is then wrapped up and sent to the wig makers in Ohio. Once the hair arrives, it is sorted. Hair that is broken or in bad condition cannot be used. The hair is first sorted by color. Once it is sorted out, it is then brushed with fine wires. This makes sure that they hair is healthy and ready to be sewn into a wig. After the hair is brushed thoroughly, it is then washed. These chemicals make sure that the hair is healthy and ready to wear.

Every wig made is especially for the child. The child that will be the recipient of the wig has their head measured. This makes sure that the wig will fit properly. These measurements are sent to the wig makers. The wig designers then make a cap that will fit the child’s head very well. The cap must be snug and not able to slip. It is important that the fit is perfectly measured for the cap. The hair’s from the pony tail are sewn into the wig. Each hair is woven into the cap for a close fit. This makes sure that the wig looks very real. Once the hair is placed on the cap, the wig is ready to be shipped. The wig is then delivered to a special salon. These salons make sure that the wigs are styled correctly. They look beautiful. All you have to do is see Bridget’s face when her new wig is placed on her head. Words truly aren’t enough for this great story of giving.

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