Looks like dogs don’t like him either. I am talking about Dognalt


Looks like the unpleasantness towards the Republican Candidate for President, Donald Trump, crosses the borders like never before. Now it is dogs time to show their hate toward this person. All this thanks to the big American manufacturer Bark Box. They decided to produce chewable Donald Trump toys for dogs. They called these toys Dognalt toys. I guess we can all understand the real idea of this new toy in the market. As for now the manufacturer is out of stock, but they are going to produce some more I guess. Anyways as for now I would like to show you the following pictures of dogs taking their anger out to these little Donald Trump dolls.

Allow me to introduce you Dognalt


He’s blustery. He’s boisterous. He’s leading the Republican race to the White House — but Donald Trump, in doll form, stands no chance at all against these dogs.”

Screen Shot 2015-12-09 at 10.47.44 PM

This is how dogs treat anyone who is judgmental:


If you don’t like people, dogs don’t like you, and if dogs don’t like you, this is what happens. 

Screen Shot 2015-12-09 at 10.51.35 PM

I guess these dogs are loving their newest toy. It is perfect to take their anger out. 


His parents say, that since the first moment their puppy saw this toy, he wanted to rip it off right away. Can’t really blame the puppy, I bet this toy is really qualitative. 


“Gimme that toy, I want it now! I am saying NOW.”



This little puppy looks really angry at this toy. I am wandering why all that anger. In the end he can’t understand what this person is doing. I guess dog things. 


Among all these dogs, looks like Dognald has a canine supporter. She looks pretty concerned about the toy. No worries pup, everything done to this toy is well-deserved. At leas this is what all the dogs above think. 


Source: Thedodo

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