Look At What Awesome Party Decoration You Can Make With Only 50 Plastic Cups!


These days, there are million and one do it yourself videos on YouTube of supposedly epic crafts that you can make in the comfort of your home. However, all too often, these crafts wind up taking a crazy amount of time, and they fail to even remotely resemble what the tutorial showed. However, this “Sparkle Ball” is sure to be worth your time.

All you need to create this masterpiece is 50 plastic cups and some Christmas lights. You can use this ball during the holiday season if you like, but it makes a great party ornament any time of year. You can make several with different colored lights for even more fun – try color coordinating lights for themed seasons for a whole new take on this “Sparkle Ball”.

The ball is fairly simple to make: start with 50 clear plastic cups, a stapler, a string of lights that are your choice of colors, and a few clothespins. It is also recommended that you use a drill to cut holes in the bottom of each cup; however, you can use other methods, just be careful if any of them involve a knife or other sharp objects!

First, you will need to drill holes in the bottom of each of the cups. Next, staple the cups together in a circle, forming a ring. You will continue this stapling of cups as you stack rings together to form half of a sphere, or dome. You can see a more detailed instruction of how to do this in Gaspar Muniz’s YouTube video, if you need further instructions. Once you have made one dome, repeat to make another. These two domes will eventually be stapled together to form the “Sparkle Ball”.

However, do not do that yet! Before that step, you will need to place the lights in the sphere. This can be accomplished by placing the lights in the holes that you previously drilled. Once you have done that for both halves, then you can place them together. Hold the two halves together with clothespins so you line them up and they fit together nicely.

Last, staple the two halves together. You may want to throw in a few extra staples on this step, just to make sure the ball stays together and is properly secured. As soon as you feel the ball is secure, simply remove the clothespins. Tada, you now have your very own “Sparkle Ball”! Feel free to hang this decoration anywhere – your room, the garage, in a dorm, or just keep it as a decoration for a party, it does not really matter where or how you use the “Sparkle Ball”, you and your guests are sure to love it.

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