Little Kid Stops In The Middle Of Their Walk. The Reason? This Is So ADORABLE!!!


If this dog so desired, he could set himself free and be gone from this boy’s life in an instant. Dogs are known for their loyalty, however. He does not try to run away from his owner. Instead, he keeps his pace slow and patient, so that his tiny human companion is able to remain comfortable. Now that is a considerate friend!

At some point during their stroll, the dynamic duo comes across a puddle. The little boy decides that he must investigate this puddle further. His fascination leads him towards the puddle and he begins to splash around. But there is just one major problem: how in the world will this little boy be able to enjoy the puddle, if his canine companion’s leash needs to be held?

This is quite the conundrum. The boy takes a moment to consider the issue at hand and decides to place the dog’s leash on the ground, so that he can enjoy the puddle, while remaining completely and totally encumbered.

Once the dog’s leash has been set on the ground, confusion begins to set in. The dog is clearly baffled, wondering why the little boy would do such a thing. Why did the little boy abandon him for a puddle? What will he do now that he has the freedom to go anywhere he wants? In order to learn more, you must watch the video in its entirety. It just may be the cutest thing that you see all week!

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