Little Boy Goes To The Bathroom And What He Says Is Priceless


We all are well aware that kids say the craziest things. What’s really funny is when they are talking and they don’t think anyone is listening. That’s the case with this little three year old. He’s sitting on the toilet behind the closed bathroom door, talking about over eating.His mother overheard him talking to himself about eating too much food and then worrying about whether his actions were going to cause the toilet to overflow. It’s absolutely hysterical and how this mother did not lose it is absolutely amazing. She did what any mother would do and grab the phone to record the whole conversation. This little boy is going into a very self-aware state as he analyzes why he ate so much food.

If you thought you were the only one that overate and then had a “Why God, Why?” moment in the bathroom, think again. This hilarious video is proof that even a three year old has such moments. This little boy is going on and on about why he ate so much and he doesn’t even know why he ate so much. Perhaps the funniest part about this video is that he keeps talking about the toilet overflowing. Does he really have that much going on that it could cause the toilet to overflow? Or is it perhaps that the house doesn’t have the best plumbing and he’s worried that his actions are going to make the toilet overflow once again?

The video, which is a little over a minute long, is hysterical. At some point, he begins to list off all of the things he ate. He doesn’t even really know what some of the food is, calling them “chocolate things”. At this point, you can hear the mom start to lose it. She’s not out and out laughing, but her voice is starting to shake and that’s what makes the video even funnier.

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