Lilica’s Story Of Charity And Compassion


There is no shortage of stories in the news or, on the internet of dogs that have performed exceptional acts of kindness and bravery. Lilica is one of those special dogs who has gone beyond the boundaries of normal behavior. She has shown true love and charity for her family, and a willingness to do without so that others won’t have to.She was abandoned as a puppy in Sao Paulo and found by Neile Vania Antonio, who gave her a home. The pair lives with an extended family that includes another dog, a cat, a mule, and several chickens. But what is it that makes Lilica so special?


Lilica’s story stands out among the numerous stories of animals performing unbelievable tasks, because she continues to perform her task night after night. As humans, we often underestimate the love, and intelligence of our furry loved ones.

(Caption: The video below is in Portuguese but there are subtitles in English)

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