Life Hacking: How To Quickly Cube A Watermelon


Watch this video and see how fast you can become a master food preparer. You can even use this technique to cube other fruits and veggies. This is a must see for anybody that is on the go. The fact is with a good slicing knife you could use this on the go. Just give it a try, and you will be eating your favorite foods fast while saving you lots of money.

Ever go into a fancy grocery store and check out all the diced fruits. They usually have all types of delicious kinds of melons and strawberries in one nice package already cut up for you. Now look at the price! This is because people pay for the convenience of the fruit already cubed and mixed. The cubed fruit mix looks good and is ready to go, just pay the extra and you’ll get what you wanted.

In this great video you will see how fast and easy it is to get the diced fruit you want. I love fresh fruit and it always just seems to taste better when it’s cubed. The whole idea of doing this is pretty easy once you watch this simple little demonstration. Watch this as the demonstrator starts with a juicy watermelon. The watermelon is transformed in a matter of seconds into the coolest little squares you can imagine. It will make your mouth water.

Watch as a few simple up and down motions instantly transforms this watermelon into a bunch of delightful cubes. Warning: this technique can make you extremely hungry for watermelon, lol. I like the little song played during the video; Go Back, makes it so much fun. If you have any life hacks you want to share please do so. We thank you and make sure to show this video to family and friends.

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