WATCH NOW: This NEW Daddy Was Not Prepared For This And Neither Were WE.


This short commercial from Belgium shows that some energy companies are more than sensitive to how much people care about their animals. You can share this one easily because there are subtitles. You will want to share it because the ad is hilariously funny and shows a much different perspective than one would expect from a company that makes energy.

The basic idea of the ad is that humans can save energy even when they have a lot of children. A man and a supposed expectant father dog are presented with a herd of puppies. This is not a few puppies it is a throng.

The dog is portrayed doing a variety of very human activities in order to take care of his pups as well as save energy at the same time. The vacuum cleaner bit and the dirty-footed puppy are partly reality, partly comedy, and absolutely endearing and funny. You even get a look at a puppy sleep monitor that awakens the father.

You need to share this short little ad with all the people you know that love animals and with all your social media pals. All of your friends will get a laugh out of the puppies and the deft presentation. They may also get the real message that saving energy also saves people and animals.

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