Kids Threw Rocks At This Pit Bull That Just Wanted To Be Loved. Watch This.


This video talks about a pit bull named Buddha. As soon as you start watching the video you will immediately realize this dog was in a bad shape: he was by himself, some random kids decided to throw rocks at him for the sake of it, and the dog just looked lost.

If you were to look at his face in the beginning you could tell: this dog was unhappy. But these people had a heart of gold and decided to help Buddha.

You can see in the video he still struggles to trust people and doesn’t want to get too close. He doesn’t want to get hurt anymore, he just wants to be loved. Luckily, these people just wanted to love him and as such, they decided to take good care of him.

At the end of the video you can clearly see that Buddha is now a confident dog that loves his new home and best of all: he is happy again. This just goes to show that even though he is a pit bull, he just needs some love.

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