Keep An Eye On That Dog… What You’re About To See Is The Luckiest Thing EVER. OMG.


Security footage is amazing, in the sense that there is typically no sound, but the footage captured often tells a much richer story than words ever could. This close call between an animal and an elevator certainly falls into that category. The footage may seem nondescript at first blush, but viewers who remain tuned in for its entirety will be stunned at what they end up seeing.

We see a woman approaching an elevator, with her dog on a leash. She goes to push the button to get on board and from the looks of it, everything seems to be on the up and up. The woman and her dog are waiting for an elevator and viewers might be wondering why they bothered to watch.

The dog is sniffing the ground, as dogs are known to do. But when the elevator doors open, the dog decides not to get in, for whatever reason. Dogs can be more skittish than people realize and perhaps this dog sensed some sort of danger that is not detectable to the naked eye.

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