Just Wait ‘Til You See His Transformation! All Kale Chips Needs Now Is His Fur-Ever Home!


The following video is about a dog affectionately names “Kale Chips”. Kale Chips is a beagle and he was rescued in such poor health that he could no longer walk. He was so obese; his body could not support his weight. The volunteers at the rescue began with a medical checkup. Fortunately, Kale Chip’s tests came back good. He needed to reduce his weight to reduce the strain on his muscles and frame, but his health was still pretty good.

As with any diet, Kale Chips needed healthy food. Well he came to the right place. Kale Chips was fed healthy homemade food with reduced calories. He was also taken on walks but since the walks were hard on him in the beginning, he was fitted for a safety vest and he began water aerobics with his personal trainer. The final piece of the puzzle was support. Kale Chips has a great support system. He is given lots of love and attention. His health program is already a success. He has lost 25 pounds! He still has a way to go. As the pounds melt away he struggles with loose skin from his body being so bloated for so long. As you can see in the video, as the pounds melt away, his muscles get stronger and he is able to walk more and do more. At this point Kale Chips is ready for adoption.

The volunteers are searching for a forever home for this special little dog. He will need someone who is willing to keep up his physical training. He will need someone who cares about him enough not to let him fall back to the way he was before. He must stay active and eat well.

Just as with our children, our pets are becoming victims of a fast and easy society. More people live in cities and there is less room for animals to run. People work and animals spend extended periods of time locked away or kenneled. So the dogs are forced to be inactive. This is against their very nature. When people get home from work, they have so much to do; it is hard to work in time to exercise the dog. This is why we have to be sure we can take care of an animal before we take them to our homes. If we honestly can’t, we need to be kind enough to say no.

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