I’ve Seen Dogs And Kiddie Pools Before… But THIS?! I Couldn’t Stop Laughing At What He Did!


Dogs and kiddie pools are natural friends, but sometimes, they can become enemies. The dog in this video is named Gus and his reaction to the kiddie pool that you are about to see will have you doubled over with laughter. You may have seen dogs playing with kiddie pools in the past, but you have never seen anything quite like this. Just trust on this one.

Gus is certainly a whole different breed. At first, he seems to be regarding the kiddie pool with a normal level of curiosity. Soon, his brother decides to join him and the clip looks as if it will unfold just like thousands of others that feature dogs frolicking in kiddie pools on a hot day.

The two dogs sniff around and while Gus’ brother is content to remain on the side, Gus makes a choice to get into the water. His brother takes a drink and Gus becomes indecisive, getting back out again. The pool has obviously offended Gus in some way, because he launches into a completely unprovoked attack!

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