I’ve Never Seen Something Like This. Just Keep Your Eye On The Bird…


This video is just over two minutes and is absolutely precious. It is adorable, and you see the man at the sink pouring water. The bird is seen along the sidelines, hopping around in excitement. It’s as if the bird already knows that it’s bath time. As soon as the man gets the stream of water to his liking, he holds his hands together in a bowl shape. The bird then makes his way down the man’s arms and gets into the palms. He began splashing around, first bathing his face, and then he really started getting into it. The wings start flapping and the bird is having a blast. The man stays still the whole time, providing this awesome birdbath for his pet bird.

The bird doesn’t care if he doesn’t have a real birdbath because honestly, why would anyone want a birdbath when they can have this kind of fun? It’s the low budget kind of bath that works and the man doesn’t have to worry about the bird drowning because he has no choice but to supervise the entire thing!

It’s not said as to how often this bird takes baths like this, but you can tell it must be regular enough because he knows exactly what is going on. He is practically bouncing up and down in excitement to see what is about to take place and then he begins running down the tattooed arm of his owner.

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