It’s All In The Palm Of Your Hand – Press These Points For Wherever You Hurt


The holistic healing arts use reflexology to restore the peace and tranquility of the mind and body with proper usage. This powerful therapy used long before modern medicines. The reflexology technique describes using pressure points of the human body to relieve many stress-related symptoms. The reflexologist does not prescribe any medicine or diagnose a disease; they may refer the client to talk with their current physician. The reflexologist does manual manipulation of the pressure points located in the hands. The reflex pressure points in the hands connect specific certain parts of the body giving relief to the organ, or body section linked to the tension, or pain.

The Hand Reflexology Therapy

The human hand becomes the extension for sensory perceptions for the person receiving the massage. The touching, slow stroking, and pulling releases the tired and stress tighten muscles throughout the massage. The reflexology stimulation describes using firm, but gentle pressure on the fingers, palm, thumbs, back, and palm to relax the mind and body. A more firm pressure used on the palms because the nerve ending is deeper and less accessible than the feet. The pressure points on these areas reflect the organs, and nervous system connections for reducing the stress, or pain in different areas of the body. This powerful tool works as the client relaxes extending a slow, calming effect from the massage. The relaxing muscles help to increase circulation; open blood vessels providing more oxygen and nutrients to the connected organ or nerve in the corresponding body part. The complete reflexology therapy combines with the foot, and ear/neck massage with the hand, palm massage achieving the full body relaxation.

Responsive Hand Therapy Technique

This technique applied by a reflexologist, or self-applied at home beginning with holding the hand upwards spreading lotion over the hand and wrist to increase flexibility. As the hand relaxes, begin to pinch the top, and sides of each fingertip, placing firm, but gentle pressure continue until each fingertip tingles slightly. The next step moves the pressure down the inside and outside of the finger. The reflexologist uses both hands to manipulate the webbing between the thumb and forefinger, along with the other fingers until the webbing snaps back smoothly. The tugging at the webbing releases tension in the neck and shoulder areas of the body. After the finger toning, the reflexologist moves to the palm and back of the hand firmly stroking to release oxygen and nutrients to other parts of the body. The massage continues with firm pressure up the wrist, stopping midway to the elbow. At this point, the reflexology changes direction and using a lighter stroking, retouches all areas from the wrist to the fingertips finishing the massage. For example, the little finger third jointed section on the left hand contains the pressure point to relieve the left shoulder tension or pain. The reflexologist applies firm pressure for 30 seconds triggering a relaxing response in the shoulder tension. The pressure point reaction opens the blood vessels sending more oxygen and nutrients to provide release from the tension, or pain.

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