It Starts Out Like This, But By The End? You don’t wanna miss this!


Here is a story of a little kitten, and a big dog. The little kitten was rescued, and brought to the house by her new owners. As you will see in the video, the little rescued kitten named Koda, was not the only pet of the family. She had an older brother, a Golden retriever, named Keelo. As you might know, the adaption to the new environment, the adjustment to the new family was not that easy for Koda.

During the first days with Keelo, she was really “investigative”. I guess she couldn’t perceive what Keelo was. I bet he was just a huge ball of fur, who had the same hair color as she did. I guess no further information was available for Koda’s little tinny brain. So the beginning was no that easy. Koda was curios, and she wanted to touch Keelo, sniff him, feel him, so that she could create an idea about him. On the other hand Keelo was bothered from the constant teasing. In a moment I thought that World War III was going to begin between the two of them. But fortunately it didn’t. All the bothering was part of the adjustment to another creature who is totally different from you. Watch this video then share it on facebook.

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