It Seems Like He’s Just Walking His Dog, Take Another Look. I Was In Tears


Loois was a pit bull who became a paraplegic after an accident that happened during surgery. Craig Mosher, Loois’s owner, was devoted to this dog; never in his life would he even think of putting this dog to sleep. He would do whatever he could so that Loois could live a pleasant life for as long as possible, and that is just what he sought out to do. So what does he do? Well, first of all, he pretty much builds his schedule around Loois. Craig needs to use various accessories so that Loois can actually handle life as a paraplegic dog.
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Craig describes Loois as his best friend, and says that he treats him like one of his kids. Loois was in pain since the beginning of his life. During surgery, a bone broke, and things got worse from there. Craig has a system that allows Loois to get exercise, including a way for him to play catch. One of the accessories that Craig uses to make playing with Loois plausible is a $35 harness. Craig claims that Loois would put his life before Craig’s. In a video, Craig demonstrates “ups and downs” exercises he does with the dog, and how hard it is to deal with an ailing pet, especially a dog.

This story will live on as a shining example of devotion and care. Most pet owners would think the pet was suffering too much and would have it killed. But Craig had devoted his life to the dog and would never let that happen. When that bone broke during surgery and the spinal cord had been accidentally put out of place, Craig knew that life would be difficult, since Loois would have special needs. But that wouldn’t stop him. He knew that Loois could live a fulfilling life if he was properly taken care of. So he bought some equipment, such as the $30 harness, and learned a little bit about taking care of ailing pets, and Loois was on his way to having a good life despite the fact that he could not walk. With modifications to the exercise and play techniques, Loois could be a good companion at last!

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