It May Look Like A Regular Sculpture, But When It Moves – I Can’t Believe My Eyes.


The video shown here has a lot of the work that goes into the pieces and it’s amazing to see how many moving parts there are in some of the art he has. From About Face to Spine Tower to Trefoil and other designs, the wind moves these parts so that it looks like the wind sculptures are animated. They move in a 3D space. He uses a computer for it all and that’s because there are so many moving parts. He creates the animation first and then decides how he is going to create it.

He works on the spinning function and “My Father’s Influence” is a square design that is made entirely of metal, but as the wind moves, the mirrors will move and this is truly phenomenal. Howe explains the science behind all of it and it is mind blowing to see what can be made. I watched the video several times to see just how these things worked. I have never seen anything like it and I would love to see one of these in person.

Howe has created something different. He enjoys art once again and it is inspiring to see what he has created. If you think you have seen a wind sculpture before, you haven’t seen anything until you see what he has been able to create. It’s one of the most amazing displays of art that I have seen and within the video, you will get an insider look on how these are created. Don’t think that this is just ordinary stuff. This is like magic when the wind blows because they come alive and like Howe says, it looks like they come from outer space. They are cool and by the time you are done watching the video, you will want one in your own backyard.

This 5 minute video includes an interview with Anthony Howe and shows you some of the wind sculptures in action. It is going to blow your mind – and you will want to share the video with your friends, too!

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