It Looks Like an Average Water Slide On The Outside. But The Inside Is OUT Of This World!


At first glance, there is nothing fantastic about it, as a matter of fact the entrance is as averages as it gets but, take a dive in and you are immediately transported to a world of a beautiful and brilliant array of colors. The minute long ride gives the thrill seeker an illusion of being in outer space. First there is the fiery display of reddish-orangey hues which last for about 5 seconds and then a second of absolute darkness which catapults you into a continuous spiral of blue, yellow and pink colored rings. You would not also forget in a hurry another 5 seconds of blue falling stars that make you feel like you are standing right where the stars meet the earth. A few more breath taking spins and the tunnel spits the rider out at a very average looking communal pool, a big contrast from what the rider had just experienced.

It really is a fun way to experience a water slide, especially if one would be doing it for the first time. As it has this fun way of drawing a person back to it time and time again. There is the urge to pinpoint exactly where one display stops and the next begins. Sci-fi fans would immediately fall in love with this slide because for a moment they feel like they are truly being teleported to places unknown, ready to discover territories long hidden.

With a design that is guaranteed to blow one’s mind away, the slide is definitely an all time favorite amongst the old and the young. Who would think that LED lights and water slides would make a perfect combination if not a certified genius? With a combination of shooting lights that mimic the movement of stars, spiraling colors that look like rainbows and funky dot patterns, it really is a sight to behold. It is true that it is not a very conventional looking slide and must have cost some hefty amount of money to create, but it definitely was worth it. It would not be too far-fetched if it was classified as the eighth wonder of the world.

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