It Looks Like A Regular Hill, But Don’t Take Your Eyes Away.


The following short video was captured in the West Coast of New Zealand. When I started seeing the video I just didn’t see anything just a hill, some bushes, and just rocks. Then I just kept looking for a couple of seconds more, and that’s when I saw what was really going on in there. Looks like a laud noise occurs and BAM you see dozens of Bull Tahrs running and emerging to take off the hill.

For those of you who don’t know, Bull Tahr is a relative to the wild goat. They come from the same family, but they just have a couple of features different. As you will see in the video below, Bull Tahrs are very good at camouflaging and blending with the nature. A usual day of Bull Tahrs looks like this ” A routine of feeding during the morning followed by a long rest period, then feeding in the evening, constitutes the tahrs daily routine. Tahrs are not generally active or feed at night and can be found at the same location morning and evening.”

Since their daily routine is the same for most of the days, they have to find different ways to “hide” from their predators and wild animals. But once they feel that something dangerous is approaching, or if they fear that danger is near, then they run as much as they can to save themselves. From the video you will see that once they get scared, the run off like crazy for their life.

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