It Appeared To Be A Pile Of Trash – Until He Looked Closer And Was Overwhelmed By What He Saw


When this dog was first seen on the side of the road, it was hard to believe that it was a living creature. The dog had fallen into a state of disrepair and onlookers would be forgiven for thinking that it was merely a piece of trash that had yet to be disposed of. Luckily for the pup, a concerned civilian decided to take a closer look, which led to a miracle makeover.
While the animal resembled a lifeless heap when he was first found, he was very much alive underneath the layers of filth and grime. His fur was caked in dirt and matted down to the point that he looked nothing like he was supposed to.
The Society for the Protection of Animals in Quebec were contacted, in order to give this dog the help he so desperately needed. He was given a home, as well as a new name. Rechristened as Rasta, this dog was not only given a home and a name, but a second chance at life.
To begin the process, all of Rasta’s clumpy, matted down fur was shaved off, which took a great deal of weight off his shoulders, literally. After being set free from his sweaty, furry prison, Rasta looked to be about half the size he was before. The dog’s coat had come to weigh nearly as much as Rasta himself.
As you might have imagined, Rasta was not exactly thrilled with the grooming process and all that it entailed. However, the kind and gentle hands of his rescuers made for a much easier experience than he probably anticipated. After a while, he started to resemble the Shih Tzu that was supposed to look like, instead of a tangled mess.
Within three short hours, six dedicated SPA workers had transformed Rasta from a lifeless looking ball of fur into a beautiful dog. Rasta was definitely tuckered out after all of that attention and needed a nap.
The last step of the process? Finding Rasta a brand new forever home. The following video was created by the SPA and shows Rasta, the miracle dog, at play. If you would like to find out more and learn whether they were able to find the pooch a place to live, be sure to check out this clip.

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