Isolated, Unloved And Chained Up Year-Round The Plight Of Outside Dogs


Contrary to the belief of some, dogs are not like other wild animals, they are domestic animals and being so forcing a dog to live outside all year round in every type of weather is inhumane and unhealthy for the dog. Dogs have been domestic animals for over 10,000 years now and unlike their ancestors they completely rely on humans to care and provide.

Most people think of their dogs as a member of the family, sharing their homes and hearts with them, but there are some who do not even allow their pets indoors at all, ever. Even worse than being stuck outside, many dogs are also chained up with no freedom to run or roam in their own yards.

Instead they are sentenced to being trapped, watching the world around them with no hope of receiving exercise they need, but the love and affection they crave from their human owners. Doomed to live a life of loneliness, frustration and without knowing what it means to be loved.


There are many reason why forcing a dog to live outside year-round is cruel as well as unhealthy for the animal and it isn’t merely because of the weather. Dogs are very social creatures. In the past their cousins and ancestors lived in packs. They played together, hunted together and trained their pups.

Look at wolves for instance, they live in packs in ways very similar to their human family counterparts. They love to play and interact with each other as well as with humans. To keep a dog isolated from any social interaction can lead to aggressive or depressed behavior. Dogs, like people need interaction, affection and love.


Although most dogs love the outdoors and dogs raised in rural areas generally prefer it, forcing a dog to remain outdoors all year round deprives the animal of the companionship all dogs crave. It is also unhealthy when they are made to suffer bitter cold temperatures in the winter and extremely hot temperatures during the summer months.


Just like humans, dogs can fall prey to hypothermia and their bodies overheat quite rapidly which can lead to heatstroke. They also are continually exposed to mites, fleas and other pests when they forced to remain outside all the time.

Dogs feel pain, just as humans do, imagine being forced remain outside in the freezing cold or sweltering heat, or constantly being bitten by fleas with no relief. Unfortunately too many pet owners do not think about the health or comfort of man’s best friend.


For this reason volunteer organizations like The Backyard Dog Project are seeking to educated people about the importance of not forcing dogs to live outside all year-round or to keep them chained up for prolonged periods of time. Please make sure to share this story with your friends, together we can all do something to make sure no dog is sentenced to a life of pain and suffering. If you’re interested in helping educate about the importance of letting dogs live indoors, check out volunteer organizations like The Backyard Dog Project, which works to bring in chained dogs.

Spread the word: No dog should live his whole life outside.

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