Instead Of Throwing Out An Old Sweater, She Did THIS For Her Dog. Amazing!


These days, do it yourself projects are as popular as social media- in fact, do it yourself projects are taking over social media! Taking old, used, worn out materials and creating new and interesting things excites those who love new things but don’t want to break the bank, and projects are coming from everywhere. Today we watch as a young woman takes an old, used sweater and recycles it to create a cozy and comfortable bed for her perfect pooch using only an old sweater, a needle, yarn, and one to two old pillows- those are all the materials you need! Except for your pet, of course.

First, we watch as she sews the neck of the sweater shut. She then knots the yarn, cuts off the extra fabric and stiches a seam across the chest, cutting off the extra fabric once again. She stuffs the upper and lower part of her sweater-turned-dog-bed with the inside fluff of her old pillows- this includes the sleeves and upper part of the torso, and the bottom half includes and bottom part of the sweater. At this point you start to see the bed coming together! A tip- use pillows that need replacing in order to further recycle. Go to the store and purchase yourself some new pillows in order to get the errand done and also have a new place for Buddy, Spot and Fluffy to sleep! In the final, you tuck one sleeve into the other and then stitch them together in order to close it off. Stitch the bed/ original torso part of the sweater to the sleeves to make sure it doesn’t come undone when Fluffy decides to go cuddle with Buddy.

It is a proven fact that pets attach to humans as if they are our best friends. They light up when they see us, so it’s no surprise that they love our smell. By using a sweater you once wore, the bed will become a home for the pet unlike any you could purchase at a pet store because they will always want to sleep on it and think or dream of you.

We all know our kids love their pets, and taking possession of them is very common. So get them involved! Have your kids get their old sweaters and pillows to create beds for their own pups. It works for cats too! Have them invite their friends over to have a sleepover all oriented around creating bed for their beloved pets.

Another tip is to keep in mind the bigger you can stuff the sweater, and the more you stuff, the bigger the bed. Even your Great Dane named Tiny will love this personalized bed!

No matter what color or fabric the sweater is or what the size of your pooch is, they’ll love sleeping on this bed, finally getting them off your side of the bed!

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