Injured Baby Fox Too Weak To Walk Hoped For A Miracle, But Never Expected This


This is a story of an abandoned fox who was found in the wild from a a veterinarian couple. Apparently the little fox was abandoned from her mother, when she was just a couple of weeks old. Th whole story started when the couple was taking a walk, and they heard something crying into the bushes. They had no idea what it was, so they approached to see what was hidden behind the bushes. That’s when the couple saw the fox. At first they could not tell if it was a little fox or a little puppy. As they approached they saw it was an abandoned fox, standing into the wild by herself. They wanted to approach her, but she was scared, and would not let them get closer.

The veterinarian couple assumed the little abandoned fox was about one month old. She looked really terrified, and she had a freshly clotted wound on her neck. The blood was fired already, but the would looked really bad. The couple decided to take the fox home with them, so they could provide her with some first aid for her wound, and some food.

They took the fox home with them, feed her some bottled milk, and treat her wound. Then they washed the little fox, and decided to keep her home for a few days, until she recovered from the trauma. If you see the video you will be able to see that the fox recovered from the wound in just a couple of days. The best part of this story is when we learned that the abandoned fox is able now to start a brave new life at the Blue Ridge Wildlife Center.

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