Incredible: Husky Mourns The Death Of His Owner


Meet Wiley, a beautiful husky wolf dog, whose breed is known for being tough and weathering out tough storms. Wiley at first glance can be an intimating dog what with his size and shape, but don’t let that deter your from this sweetheart. Wiley is experiencing his first shot to the heart and is seen grieving with great force over his grandmothers death who he shared a deep companionship with. Gladys was Wiley’s owners grandmother which he shared such a deep friendship with that Wiley felt the need to mourn when she passed away. In the video you can see Wiley’s devastation over Gladys’ death and witness how he takes to laying over her fresh grave and shaking with great sorrow. His owners are there to comfort Wiley as he cries and pants with deep sadness, but sometimes all you can do is cry with them over the loss.

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