In The Most Heartbreaking Case Of Neglect, A Pup Is Dumped By Her Owners


Animal euthanization is something that takes place on a daily basis and it is an unfortunate reality of life for Dogs like Violet are put to death on an everyday basis, because their owners do not know how to seek the proper care for their ailments and injuries. Pet ownership is a major responsibility, one that should not be taken lightly, yet so many people are guilty of doing just that. Instead of taking Violet to a vet’s office and allowing her to get the proper assistance, she was left in a shelter to fend for herself.
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While the beginning of this video is definitely difficult viewing, it is well worth the viewer’s time to remain tuned in until the end. The tireless efforts of the workers at the Vet Ranch finally begin to pay off and Violet’s wounds heal enough for her to allow her to receive a much needed bath.
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She becomes a different dog, and she has her rescuers to thank for her improved condition.
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