In Just 5 Minutes, She Makes Something That Everyone Should Have In Their Home!


I love making things. Crafting something with my own two hands not only puts my ingenuity to the test, but it gives me a creative outlet as well. And, if it ends up producing something awesome that I can actually use every day, there’s really no downside to it. There’s nothing that makes me glow with pride more than knowing I’ve made something that looks good and has a functional purpose. My little projects are so satisfying and fun, I end up filling all of my free time trying to find new ways to improve my life. If I just take it one project at a time, I’m sure I’ll end up with an eclectic home filled with beautiful customized projects born of my creative mind, energy, and free time. Stores may often provide great options for decorating and storage, but there’s nothing like customized storage to fit your needs.

If you’re looking for a great starter project, An Le, who writes for the blog LifeAnnStyle, shows off one of her awesome projects in the video below, and even provides step by step instructions for how you can recreate it for yourself. In her video, An shows you how to make your very own make up bag. If you’ve been looking for the perfect way to organize all of your make up supplies – brushes, lip balms, glosses, blushes, eye shadows, sponges and more – look no further! These bags are a great way to make a make-up bag that fits your style and meets all your storage needs.

An also suggests making bags for the kids in your life. Kids are always losing things in their backpacks, which are like the black holes of childhood, swallowing up bookmarks and pens which may never be seen again – not even after the bags are turned upside down and shaken vigorously. You can make finding things easier for your kids by helping them get organized. You can even use these bags to store USB cords or phone chargers for when you go on your next business trip or vacation. Instead of carrying an ugly zip lock bag for your travel sized liquids, make your own – there’s plenty of outdoor plastic fabrics with cute designs that you can use. These little bags have a million uses, and are both easy and fun to make. With just a little bit of effort, you can make a make-up bag in the perfect style for you or your loved ones.

And if you like this project, check out this video too. You can take an old pair of jeans and make a stylish bag that you will want to take with you everywhere.

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