If You Thought Stuffing This Potato With Cheese Sounded Good, Wait Till You See What He Wraps On The Outside!


Watch this YouTube video as the chef begins to stuff these tasty spuds. The chef begins by wrapping the potato in savory strips of bacon. You won’t believe how he does this. Then the creative chef cores out the potatoes to begin stuffing them with lots of grated cheese. He also uses some chunks of smoked turkey to layer with the cheese. All those tasty ingredients stuffed into one potato! I haven’t even got to the toppings yet.
The potatoes are now ready to cook on the grill again making sure to add a few chunks of Applewood. The outside bacon layer and all the cheese and turkey are cooked about 45 minutes together. The combination of ingredients is mouth-watering! See how the potato comes out looking so crispy and delicious. The Applewood is going to really bring out the tastes of this uniquely grilled baked potato.

Watch as the chef tops off his masterpiece potato. He begins by brushing on his special hot sauce mixture with sour cream. You can’t believe your eyes as the mixture starts to heat up and runs down the sides of the potato looking like lava on a volcano. The final toppings include chives and chopped green onions, so good! Watch as the chef slices the potatoes in half to see all the delicious ingredients inside these BBQ Volcano potatoes. Watch this video and learn fast how to cook these Volcano potatoes right up and hot off the grill!

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