If You Think Animals Don’t Have Feelings, Just Watch This Heartbroken Mama Reunite With Her…


What this staff had failed to realize was that Karma had been taken away from her baby and that this was the reason for her extremely sad demeanor. Once The Gentle Barn learned that Karma’s sadness was caused by her separation from her cild, they immediately set out to reunite the two cows. This mother refused to give up, as she continued to call for her child all throughout the night. The Gentle Barn was finally able to locate her lost calf and the reunion that the two experience is nothing short of incredible.

We are able to watch in delight as the trailer pulls with Karma’s calf safely ensconced inside. However, Karma does not know this and she continues to call out to her new care takers, hoping and wishing that they will heed her cries for help. She has yet to receive the response she is in search of and she misses her baby terribly.

By the time you see the reunion, your heart will be more than ready to experience this magic moment. No matter the species, there is no breaking the bond between mother and child. Karma would not be silenced until she was reunited with her baby and this clip is all the proof you need that persistence can and will pay off.

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