If You Need Any More Proof That Dogs Have Feelings, Just Watch What This Dog Does To Save His Friend.


Faithfulness in dogs comes to them naturally and they love to be around men and their own species or other animals. Every dog owner feels that one of the best traits of a dog is its loyalty. But the loyalty and friendship is not limited only to humans. It extends to its own species as well. This heart breaking video shows how a dog goes beyond to express his love and concern for a fellow friend who has been hit by a car. In this moving video the dog gloomily stands by the side of his friend. It is a clear mark of our furry friend’s dedication and loyalty. His emotions are pure and plain honest.

Dogs are adorable creatures and it is always a joy to have them around. They love you unconditionally and comfort you without judging you. They don’t have any ulterior motive when they are showing you love and affection. You are simply loved and likewise they want to be loved too.

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