If Someone Tells You Angels Don’t Exist, Show Them This. At 30 Seconds In, It’s AMAZING.


A lot of people claim that some being other than man has performed a miracle in causing a person or an animal that is afflicted with some deadly or devastatingly disabling injury to be able to walk away from that injury. In most of these miracles the skill, love, and patience of expert humans that work tirelessly to make the “miracle” happen are never mentioned.

If you want to see a true miracle that is man-made then watch this video. Kenney, a Doberman, had a severely injured spine that caused the dog to be paralyzed. Most experts considered that Kenney would never walk again but Two Hands for Paws took up the impossible challenge and made a “miracle” happen.

Share this video and inspire yourself and everyone that you know to start making their own miracles in an animal’s life and in their own. This inspiring little bit of magic is sure to warm even the coldest of hearts. What the dog does is amazing. No tricks are involved in this stunning resurrection from certain defeat and misery to exuberant triumph.

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