‘Ice Ice Baby’ Spawns Dinner Dance Fever. I Can’t Stop Laughing.


This Video is funny and cool in several ways. The woman can really dance and the reaction of her son and whoever is filming the video is just hilarious. Let us set the stage. Your average middle aged woman is cooking dinner when the Vanilla Ice song ‘Ice Ice Baby’ comes on the radio. There is a small black dog in the kitchen and the woman’s son is sitting on the couch in the adjoining living room.

One really funny thing about the video is the woman has to clean up a little mess that she made while dancing around with the pot full of food she was cooking.

You really have to watch this video to get it. It is funny in so many ways. A middle aged woman really getting it on is kind of amusing. Getting the dog involved is really funny. The kid’s jaw dropping astonishment is a killer. He just cannot believe his eyes. Vanilla Ice may be dead and gone, but this woman’s performance might just bring the song ‘Ice Ice Baby’ back for a reprise. Really good dancing and really funny is all you can say. One wonder’s if this was practiced before the filming but the kid’s reaction is so genuine that it just had to be an original performance that is more than good.

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