I Was Terrified When This Baby Walked Up To A Deer, But Seconds Later? No One Expected THIS!


The little girl hears her father talking and starts back toward the house. She stumbles and falls a few times as toddlers normally do and the deer that is about to head back to the forest comes back to make sure the child is safe and unharmed. It is eerie and really a delight to see how the deer and child become apparently bosom buddies in a matter of seconds.

Possibly the reason the deer has no fear of the little girl is because the little girl has absolutely no fear of the deer. The smell of fear might be the key to this extraordinary encounter between humans and normally very timid deer.

Dumbfounded, awe-struck, and gob smacked do not even begin to express the feeling you will have watching this extraordinary and warm little video. You will find yourself wondering what the answer is that this little girl knows that allows her to touch deer that would flee in an instant from an adult or even an older child.

You just have to share this video with your friends and any animal and child lovers you know. Do not tell them anything and just let them be amazed by what they see. It is truly a marvel that the almost miraculous interaction between a child and a fawn was captured on film.

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