I Thought This Was An Ordinary Cookie, Then I Took One Bite And Discovered THIS Inside. YUM!


Watch this great video to see how he mixes these ingredients together to make these delicious cookies. Just the look of them going into the oven is quite a sight. These giant balls of flavor look so cool going into the oven. This is some special cookie and this man from the CooknShare channel shows you how easy it is to do. The basic technique for preparing these cookies for baking is to wrap the cookie dough all the way around the Oreos. Once you mix up the ingredients all you do is use this great cookie technique of wrapping the Oreo cookies and you have some of best tasting treats around.

You won’t believe how tasty looking these cookies look. I don’t know who came up with this idea but it sure looks good. Surrounding double dip Oreo cookies with cookie dough sure creates a big taste. Watch this video and see how he creates these one of a kind treats.

Just looking at these cookies going into the oven makes you hungry! This is some treat watching him create the cookies right in front of you. Watch this detailed short video as the chef shows you how to mix up all the ingredients step by step. It is so cool to see these cookies that look as thick as a steakburger. The cookies look so good on this video you will want to start making them right away. They really do make you hungry.

When you first see this video you won’t believe what they are adding to these cookies. Watching this guy wrapping Oreo cookies with delicious dough is something you won’t see every day. This is just a fun and tasty treat that anybody can make. Just follow the easy steps in this video and you will be eating the best cookies ever with layers of flavor.

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