I Thought It Was Strange When She Wrapped This Cake In Bubble Wrap – Until I Saw The Result!


Once the chocolate has been spread over the Bubble Wrap, she then wraps the chocolate covered wrap around the cake. This burst of creativity allowed her to create a dessert unlike any that we have ever seen before. As the chocolate begins to dry around the finished product, the cake looks stunning, almost too stunning to eat.

While this may seem like an all day project to some, the creation of the cake takes mere minutes and can be accomplished rather quickly. It is important for first timers to remember to break down the pieces of chocolate into same sized slices. This allows them to melt rapidly and spread in a more even fashion.

In order to grasp the full complexities of this woman’s recipe, viewers will need to take a look at this clip and watch until its conclusion. Creating this cake looks simple enough, but unless you take the time to learn each and every step of her method, your cake might not come out looking like hers. It is clear that this is not her first time around the block and her experience definitely shows.

This gorgeous cake recipe deserves to be seen by as many of your friends and family as possible. Even the health nuts in the bunch will not be able to resist this scrumptious looking Bubble Wrap cake. Be sure to share this clip on your Facebook wall and tweet it out to your Twitter followers, as well.

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