I Thought This Guy Was Being Mean To His Dog. Then… OMG! I Couldn’t Stop Laughing.


Dogs and trampolines are not always natural matches. While some dogs love them and do not want to stop jumping no matter what, other dogs have to be coaxed into enjoying them by their owners. The owner in this video could seem abusive or cruel to viewers initially, but those who continue watching will soon realize that he is not being mean at all.

Watching Mudd do flips that he did not plan to do, as he barks at the evil trampoline will have you laughing, against your better judgement, of course. He is not happy with his owner for this and is determined to seek vengeance against the trampoline and his father for forcing him into the mess to begin with.

After doing a few flips, Mudd starts to settle down a bit, realizing that he is not in any sort of immediate danger. Clearly, his father knew what he was doing all along and Mudd is starting to enjoy himself. He continues to bark as he flips, but viewers can detect a hint of a smile on Mudd’s face, if they look close enough.

Would you like to see the rest of Mudd’s amazing trampoline excursion? Then watch this video in its full entirety, so that you can appreciate Mudd’s adventure and also enjoy some belly laughs along the way. One thing is for sure: his owner is not nearly as cruel as he seems at the video’s onset.

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