I knew That Makeup Was Powerful, But I’ve Never Seen It Do This… IMPRESSIVE!


Beauty, we have all grown up watching our mothers, movie stars and celebrities create a work of art on their faces. Nothing changes our appearances faster and more cost effectively than great makeup. With a few well-placed strokes of a brush, a couple of dabbs with a sponge and more colors than Van Gogh ever dreamed of, we can create art that expresses our feelings, mood and attitude. Unlike Van Gogh and other famous painters, we can wash our canvas clean and start anew each day with all new ideas.
Sure we can also change our outfit; haircut, color and style; and put on accessories that express our inner fun self or the vixen on the prowl! No man can compete with us when it comes to glamming it up or playing it down; they just don’t have the right tools to work with. We’ve all seen the celebrity incognito photos in the magazines and on social media. They just don’t look like “themselves”. Nikkie shows us the benefits of makeup in this video. She creates a two-faced example using herself as the model. She begins with her no makeup hair in a bun look that is plain, boring, and unnoticeable. She then transforms half of her face into her glam look. You have got to see this transformation! By the end of this video you will see why.

Those who think the only reason to wear makeup is to hide your natural beauty, or to create a false you, have not thought this through! Women have been correcting flaws, adding to their natural beauty and embracing the artistic looks of the celebrities. Women have been using makeup for hundreds of years. To get a glimpse at the evolution of makeup styles over the last 100 years, watch this Cut Video that breaks down 100 years of beauty in just minutes.

The next time you need a change of pace, try a change of face and have a little fun with your makeup. Beauty is not a crime, but not enjoying yourself and having confidence in your looks and inner and outer beauty, maybe should be.

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