Hydrogen Peroxide: The Common Chemical That Works Miracles Cleaning.


Hydrogen Peroxide is a chemical that is easy to buy and store with many uses. It is one of the main components in most commercial cleaning products. It is composed of water and oxygen and kills germs through oxidation. This chemical composition makes it is natural effective safe cleaning and health product. One use for hydrogen peroxide is as an alternative to bleach. Bleach can be caustic and dangerous to keep in the house. Hydrogen peroxide could be added in small doses to white laundry or even to your teeth for a bleaching effect. This is great option instead of expensive teeth whitening kits. Most of those teeth whitening products contain up to 35 percent of hydrogen peroxide anyways. Hydrogen peroxide can also be added in small amounts to water or baking soda to use as mouthwash and toothpaste. Or a dash in water to store a toothbrush germ free.

Many people use hydrogen peroxide for health reasons. A small amount can be dabbed on a wound to clean it. Then rinse it off with water as pro-longed exposure can damage skin tissue. A small amount mixed with water makes for a good nasal spray to alleviate nasal congestion and clear up sinus infection.Cleaning counters with hydrogen peroxide is also so simple. Just place a little on the cleaning rag or mix with water in a spray bottle and apply directly to counters for disinfection. Just be aware that it has a lightening effect somewhat similar to using bleach. It can also be added to all types of things for cleanliness – dishwashers, humidifiers, to clean inside microwaves, refrigerators, and coffee pots. If you have a clogged drain you can pour a little down the drain and then some vinegar. Let sit for a few minutes and then pour in some hot water. Hydrogen peroxide can also be used to treat mold and mildew, as well as tackle stains in white clothing.

Hydrogen Peroxide can also be used hair to add blond highlights. Just add a very small amount to water and spray onto your hair. Then rinse off with water. As long as small amounts are used it will have a very light natural effect rather than the platinum “peroxide” blind look we fear. Because if it’s powers of sanitation and killing germs, hydrogen peroxide is great for food preparation. You could use the same spray mix of water and hydrogen peroxide to spray veggies and fruits then rinse them with water. This cleans them of harmful bacteria before cooking with them. Additionally bouquets of flowers can be kept looking fresh longer by adding a dash of hydrogen peroxide to the water in the vase. The vast array of uses for hydrogen peroxide in your house and daily life are amazing. It is the most under-appreciated miracle chemical that exists right in front of our nose.

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