How To Make Homemade Popcorn In The Microwave


What you’ll be doing is placing some popcorn kernels into a cup and them putting some olive oil on top of them. After that, you place them into a brown lunch bag. After that, you’ll add some salt and sugar and fold the bag – that’s it for ingredients! As you can see already, the recipe is incredibly simple and if you have the ability to use a microwave, you are almost overqualified to do this recipe. That’s how easy it is.

Then you place the bag in the microwave and put the timer, which should usually be around two and a half minutes, but every system is different so you need to try yours out. When the popping slows down, grab the bag, let it cool down and shake it around a little bit so every popcorn is evenly seasoned. After that, all you need to do is grab your popcorn, turn your movie on and starting eating while watching.

This is an incredibly healthy alternative that won’t make your body regret the fact that you enjoy watching movies from time to time, and on top of that you won’t feel so guilty while eating these popcorn because, well, you actually made them yourself from scratch.

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