How To Make A Rainbow Checkerboard Cake


We all know that cake is one of the best remedies for sadness, depression and a whole lot of other complications. It’s one of the best possible remedies simply because it tastes and amazing and because it is sweet. But just buying a cake that is already done isn’t really a lot of fun, and simply buying and making a packet mix doesn’t seem too honest as well. So here we have Elise from “My Cupcake Addiction” showing us how to make a beautiful rainbow checkerboard cake, completely from the beginning. Just by looking at the cake, you’d probably think you are going to have to spend about 2 days doing it and that, even if you do so, you won’t really be able to make it look that amazing because you’re not a professional baker.


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Think again. It’s so easy to make, you’ll want to sign up for a cake making competition pretty quickly. The only ingredients you need are the ones you’d require for a packet mix and some food coloring of your choice. To start off, you just need to make two batches of cake mix and divide into a few bowls. When the mix is in the bowls, all you need to do is put some food coloring and mix everything properly until the color is well distributed. After that, just pop each color into an individual Ziploc bag and go grab your baking tins.Spray the baking tins with some non-stick spray and then use the Ziploc bag to place the mixture into each individual baking tin. Make sure they are well distributed and pop them into the oven so they can cook. When all of the colors are baked let them cool down and trim off the tops and the bottoms so that they are all even, and so that they don’t have the brown layer on the bottom. Repeat the trimming process for the sides if required.

Afterwards, grab some circle cutters. One big and one small. Cut a big circle out of the middle of each color, and in the middle of that circle, cut another circle. Repeat this process with every color and spread some buttercream frosting around the edges of these circles, and then just mix colors according to what you want the cake to look like. Make sure the colors contrast, so the cake will look a lot better. Finally, all you need to do is place these colored cake circles on top of each other, and cover it all up with some delicious frosting. Watch the video to get a few more details on how to make this amazing rainbow checkerboard cake perfectly, so your friends will drop their jaws when they see it.

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