How To Get Rid Of Pet Hair In Your Home


When you first got a pet, you probably had ambitious plans for how you were going to keep their fur from getting everywhere. At some point, you probably gave up the fight and accepted the fact that you would be picking pet hair off your clothes for the rest of your life. But that doesn’t have to be the case. Here are a few simple tricks for getting rid of pet hair on your floor, your furniture, and your laundry.The best way to get rid of pet hair, obviously, is to now let it accumulate in the first place. Brushing your pet regularly can really help cut down on the amount of fur that you find around your house. Having your air ducts cleaned out once a year is also a big help in preventing old hair from being recirculated through your heating and cooling system. Any pet owner knows, however, that no matter how hard you try, there will be fur that needs to be cleaned up. On hard floors, electrostatic dust mops are your best bet for picking hair up. Microfiber cloths work well for this as well. On carpets, you have to vacuum.

But sprinkling baking soda on the carpet before vacuuming will help loosen the hair from carpet fibers, making it easier to pick up. The baking soda will also combat any pet odors lingering in your carpet.

On wood, glass, or plastic furniture, the microfiber cloth can once again save the day. With upholstery, it’s a little harder. Vacuums and lint rollers are not terribly efficient or effective. Special tools like the Lilly brush are designed for this, but a cheap rubber squeegee that has been lightly dampened works perfectly. This also works well for along baseboards or other tight spots that your vacuum can’t reach. An easy way to protect your furniture is to have a pet bed for your pet to lay on most of the time. Wash this regularly to kill odors and keep the hair from spreading. If your pet insists on using the furniture, cover their favorite spot with a washable blanket. When company is coming, simply whisk off the blanket to revel clean, fur-free furniture.

The trick to getting your clothes out of the laundry fur-free is to loosen up the fibers before washing them. You can easily do this by pre-treating them in the dryer on a heat free tumble cycle. Make sure you clean out your lint filter after this cycle is over. Then wash your clothes on their normal cycle. For really stubborn fur, a little white vinegar in the washing machine can loosen up the fibers even more. Then toss your clothes in the dryer on their regular heat cycle with lots of dryer sheets or balls. Owning a pet doesn’t have to doom you to a life of fur. With these simple tricks, you can banish all the hair from your home with a little diligent cleaning.

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