How To Fold A Fitted Sheet


As a young individual, I understand that launching ourselves into the world can be an incredibly tough task. Things we might have never even thought about now come on racing through our minds as soon as we don’t have our parents there to help us out with them. Things end up not being as easy as they looked like they were and every single part of the house needs to be taken care of.

Well in this video, Jill Cooper from Living On a Dime tells us how to solve on the worst challenges anyone living by themselves will ever have to face: how to properly fold a fitted sheet. Most of us, almost certainly, just end up throwing the sheets into the closet so we can save up some time. Well, Jill solves this problem as well, since the amount of time we take to fold the sheet is almost the same amount of time we would spend digging through our closet filled up with sheets.

But still, folding a sheet is almost an impossible task to do alone, right? I mean, if you were an octopus with eight tentacles it would be pretty easy, but as a human being it is pretty tough, really. But then again, Jill does give us an easy solution to fold a sheet in a few simple steps. This is truly a life hack that will help us all save some time and closet space and, at the end of the month, we will be thanking them for this advice again and again.

Truth be told, when she does it, it really doesn’t look like it’s a big deal, it actually looks like it is something really easy to do. But she does talk about that as well and assures us that with a little bit of practice, things will go smoothly.

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