How This Poor Dog Survived For 7 Long Months Will Fill Your Eyes With Tears


An abandoned dog was seen living under a car for a very long time. People could not tell if the dog was a homeless dog, or wether the dog had a home and escaped. Luckily for the dog, one day someone called for help. Someone contacted Hope For Paws to come and help the poor dog. It was such a sad situation seeing the poor creature living under the car for almost 7 months. Can you believe that the dog had to stay thought rainy days, storms, snow, and hot temperatures under the car?

When the rescuers came to the scene they were able to locate the dog. They saw that the dog was standing under a car. One of the volunteers started giving the dog some food, just to make him get out of the car. The poor dog ate the food, but he refused to get out of the car. After a couple of minutes of resistance, the dog was caught from the rescuers. At first he was crying because he thought that they were going to harm him. But after they got the dog, he relaxed in a couple pot minutes.

The rescue team decided to name the dog Aron, and scanned to see if the dog had an ID. Unfortunately the dog didn’t, so they took him washed him, and now are trying to find a new home for the homeless dog. After a couple of days, the dog felt a little better, calm, and more comfortable in his new “home.” WE hope Aron finds a new forever home because his life will be happier and better. In the video below you will find more information for this specific case. If you think that this video is just adorable, then don’t hesitate to share the video with your friends and family!


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