How This German Shepherd Reacts Is Too Funny – You Have To See It!


We all know that German Shepherds are used for all types of intelligence and police work. From K-9 policing to bomb and drug sniffing, these canines are some of the bravest animals you can have by your side when the going gets tough. When it comes to home protection, these shepherds are the perfect combination of family pet and family protector. They will lay down their life to protect the family. We all know that canines and felines have been sworn enemies since the beginning of time. German shepherds also have the reputation of taking this rivalry to extremes by terrorizing cats with little provocation. The German shepherd in this video is no exception, well, kinda sorta. His family has a new “pet” in the form of a stuffed life sized tiger. The family wants to have their dog and ‘cat’ meet. What better place to meet than in the kitchen? Watch while introductions are made.

He is quick to run into the kitchen to greet this newest family member. The canine begins by barking and wagging his tail, but when the tiger makes no response, the dog begins barking in earnest as if to warn his ‘momma’ that there is an intruder in their midst. After several lunging attempts to get the tiger’s attention, he decides to approach cautiously. The tiger continues to ignore the dog and this whips our hero dog into frenzy. He is confused why this monster creature isn’t paying him any attention; after all he is the vicious protector of the household! Mom tries to show him that the tiger is safe and pets it. This leads to more barking and jumping.

So now our canine hero crawls over to the tiger and attempts to gain its attention. Once again the tiger ignores the dog. After barking at the top of his lungs (since you know, maybe the tiger’s deaf) he crawls even closer to get the tiger to respond. Gathering up his courage, the dog reaches out to bite the tiger figuring this would get his attention. At that very moment the tiger decides it is a good time to ‘jump’ at our hero! The poor shepherd is startled and immediately jumps and heads for the door leaving his ‘momma’ next to the tiger.

Once he reevaluates the situation, our brave and courageous shepherd develops a new strategy to approach this cunning creature. He quietly circles wide and slowly sneaks up on the unsuspecting tiger from the right. Will our intrepid German shepherd succeed in getting this cunning wild feline to acknowledge him? Who is superior, the canine or feline? Watch the video carefully for the exciting resolution to this age old battle of domination.

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