How This Fast Food Worker Treated This Disabled Woman Is Leaving Everyone Astounded


On this particular day the disabled patron, a woman whose name is unknown, came as usual for lunch, Ridge assisted the woman through the line at the counter then carried over her meal which was a taco salad, cheese and hot sauce as well as her drink, utensils and napkins. The woman had told Ridge that she did not get out of her house very often, but anytime she did she would go to the Qdoba Mexican restaurant because it was her favorite eating place.

He decided to make sure that she was okay and had everything she required so he asked her if there was anything he could get for her. The woman asked him if he could help her eat, which he accepted and as he did a patron in the fast food joint Dr. David Jones, who helped her get in after seeing her out in the parking lot, was sitting nearby and he took notice and decided to record the whole thing on video.

Jones recorded because he realized that Ridge did not stop to think if he should help the woman or not, but instead he went over put on gloves and then started feeding her. David Jones filmed it because he wanted to show his friends that there are still some good people in the world because Ridge went above and beyond with a simple act of kindness which went to show that small things can make a big difference in the lives of others.

This video has gone viral and many people are praising the consideration and kindness of the Qdoba employee but Quarles says he did not do it for the recognition, he just gets joy from helping others. He felt that if he was not going to do it then nobody else would have done it. This act has garnered so much attention that Ridge Quarles, has been sought out by local media.

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