How this dog reacts to his favorite show is just hilarious. LMAO for real


I gotta love it when dogs get really attached after something. Have you ever had the chance to catch your dog watching TV, or a show, or a movie? Well my little troublemaker is not much of a TV dog, but she is a stalker. She gets on top of the balcony of the house, and observes everyone passing by, once she doesn’t like someone, according to her judgment, she starts barking out loud. Pretty much this is my puppy’s “thing.” When you see the video below, you will laugh your ass out for real.

This dog is a true delight. Looks like he is really attached to this TV show who has a dog as a character. So whenever his parents play this show for him, he can’t help it but acts like he is a character of the show. How this dog reacts to his favorite show is just hilarious. He watches the show very carefully, and reacts to every single movement of the show. If the dog is running, then he is running as well. He is running in place, but that is not a problem. The problem here is that the dog wants to get into the show.

Literally he wants to enter in the TV and find himself running up and down the beach with his buddy, catching the frisbee. Seriously I have never seen a dog getting so much attached to a show. I have to say it again that how this dog reacts to his favorite show is just hilarious. I couldn’t help it but laugh the whole time. This dog got me for real. Dogs like this light up my world, and make me feel so happy. Just the thought that they can bring so much laughter to this world, makes me feel wonderful. Thank you for existing wonderful creatures. We truly appreciate you, and your immense contribution to make this world a happier place!

Source: Ilovemydogsomuch

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