How Social Media Saved A Little Girl From A Terrible Fate


Social media has been the target of a lot of accusations over time. People claim it can lead to anti-social behavior, others just think its heaven for marketers, while others even believe they are being studied while conducting their everyday activities. Even though social media gets all of these accusations, it is still one of the main methods we use to communicate with each other nowadays. Some people might need to be reminded that our whole evolution was, partially, based on the fact that we can actually communicate with each other. This means that social media is, right now, one of our main evolutionary tools and should be used accordingly. On social media nowadays we share our lives, our personal problems, our jokes, our success and our failure. Tara Taylor, the mother of a three year old girl decided to share her pride on Facebook and as such, she posted a picture of her daughter for her friends to be able to see her. The girl had shiny eyes – too shiny. A lot of people would simply assume that this was due to poor photographic skills by the mother. It is only natural that our eyes reflect light when someone takes a picture of us on bad conditions. This, however, was not the case. Luckily, Tara had some friends that realized this and promptly warned her. According to her, one of the friends decided to tell her that her daughter’s eyes were shiny, and that although it was possible that is was just nothing (bad photography) it could also mean that something was wrong with the girl’s eyes, and it should be checked out. After all, we’d rather be safe than sorry.

Tara Taylor, who agrees with us on that theory, decided to take her three year old daughter to the doctor in order to see if it really was nothing, or if it was actually something. To everyone’s surprise it really was something. Tara’s daughter, Rylee, was diagnosed with retinal telangiectasis which is a rare disorder whose effects are partial loss of vision or complete blindness. This condition can be prevented only when it is discovered early enough, which was Rylee’s case.

The big problem with this condition is that the symptoms are very, very hard to spot and what usually happens is that individuals are unable to realize that they have such condition until it is just too late, and then they have to deal with it for the rest of their lives. Luckily, one of the signs is of warning is a yellow glowing eye in flash photography.

Rylee did receive proper treatment and was able to fully prevent any possible loss of vision, all thanks to Facebook and someone who didn’t conform.


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