How A Dog Comes Out Of Nowhere To Help A Woman In A Car Wreck Will AMAZE You.


Watch this video to see this story and how it all happened. In the countryside of this small South Georgia city of Pavo was this woman named Shannon and she was barely conscious when this shepard came out of nowhere in the woods. He did an incredible rescue move in helping Shannon save her life. This story is amazing as you hear this story. This stray dog who they named later as Hero lived up to his name as he dragged Shannon so she could be rescued. This is an incredible story of this stray German Shepard. He really lived up to his named that day. Watch this story as Hero is also rescued and given a good home at the shelter and he is now being trained as a rescue dog. This is such an incredible story.

The shepherd comes out of the deep Southern Georgia woods to save this poor woman’s life. This was true miracle and you can’t believe how this all happens. How did this dog even know what to do! I don’t know but it is no small miracle what he did that day. This handsome German Shepherd was incredible pulling this woman out of her car and dragging her where she could be seen. This dog lived up to his new name that day and it was truly a miracle what happened.

You will fall in love with this dog and his heroic act of saving a human life that day. How do dogs know how to do this, it is some miracle. Watch as this beautiful dog comes to the rescue of this helpless woman and you will be simply amazed. Watch this video and pass it on.
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